… and I was doing so well!

Well it finally caught up with me. The Flu. This damn flu that I have been out running for 2 months has finally caught me.

Tuesday night I didn’t feel that great, with a bit of a sore throat.

Wednesday morning – 1 truckload of flu dumped right on me. But I powered through. Drugged up on tablets, juice and throat lozenges. I made it through my appointments… Just.  That night Abbie had to go to hospital with asthma and any progress I’ve made has been back tracked via exhaustion. Fun times all round!

I am really hoping that I can kick this flu that seems to be overtaking me. Girls got stuff to do!! Who has time to get sick these days? I currently have no voice – always super fun – and hot tea has become my best friend. Speaking of which I need another one…

Today? Yeah Im not dressed, no dishes have been washed and not one inch of my home has been cleaned today (or yesterday). Shock horror!!! I am so desperate to clean and yet my pillow looks so comfy. I plan on kicking this flu’s but by having a detox bath and drinking lots of water. Also I am desperate for a hydrating and soothing face mask cause my skin is just not up to its usual standard and needs a bit of help. Speaking of help. My GHD died. #sadface

I legit almost cried! We had a long and faithful relationship for 7 years. I am morning my lose. I told James that I would happily give up my latest (major) Morphe makeup purchase in exchange for a new straightener. By the look on shock on his face, I am pretty sure the bond between my and my hair straightener was real and deep.

On a much happier note: WE GOT A DOG! Which we picked up on Wednesday night – and after much debating  we finally decided that his name is…. Milo!! He is a 4 month old kelpie x irish wolfhound puppy. Yeah, He’s gonna be a big dog. We got Milo from the Dubbo pound where he had been for 3 months. We are all very excited of the addition of our newest family member!!

I’ve some serious training to do though. He has pick up some pretty bad habits from such a long time in a cage but nothing I can’t handle. We are looking into puppy school right now and will give some more puppy updates soon!!


Till next time,


Jesse xoxoxo