Focus… oh look coffee!

My kid is sick today, which means whatever plans I had for socializing in the world that lives outside my front door has gone kaput. We have by no fault of our own, been confined to movie watching, chicken soup and washing. Again not what I had my agenda today.

I wanted to go out into the world!! Talk to someone who doesn’t interrupt with a question about why can’t the trees be pink instead of green. But as fate would have it, I shall be washing and cleaning instead. Which to be honest it’s totally fine. It needs to be done and I am home to do it.

A little while ago my sister in-law got me a notebook, It’s very pretty and very me, and on the front is 1 single word.


That word combined with today has made me think way deeper than one should at 9am.

I have tons of gumption but do I have focus? I am determined but do I have focus? I am passionate but do I have focus? I guess my answer is yes and no.

Focus is having a centre point or goal that you want. As a christian the standard answer is you Jesus is the focus of my life and while that is true from a practical stand point it’s not the most helpful. Having God at the centre is super important and its a lifetime journey. It’s a million and one steps from here to there so you need things that are closer and easier to focus on as part of the process.

Whats your focus? Whats your end goal? Clean house, smart kids, polite kids, big career, all of the above?

Side note; I am writing about focus and I keep getting distracted by social media i.e. snapchat and FB.Good work Jess. I wanna curl up in the sun and close my eyes. *pause* Are we allowed to do that?!

Anyways….. where was I? Oh yeah. We need to focus!

Have a goal is important. It keeps you in check. It helps you make decisions if you ask yourself this every time. “Does this line up with my focus?”

If the answer is no or even not yet, then you shouldn’t do it. Of course I am aware that sometimes things look like they do but it doesn’t quite fit – not yet. Just because I am determined to do something doesn’t mean that I have focus.

Today I am thinking about my focus’. My goals. My centre points. Very quickly I could end up with a 5 or even 10 year plan. I can almost guarantee that it wouldn’t line up with my husbands 5 or 10 year plan. Which is 100% ok and what you want in a marriage! Other life just gets boring. I would love to see this blog grow – yes I realise that means I need to start writing more than once every 6 months. But that’s steps 1! Write More. I know that step 2 is to research how to write blogs. It’s different to writing a book or short story. There is an art form that I need to pursue and focus on.

But for today I have a pile of washing that is calling my name. Thats my focus for today. Oh and my child. My child is also calling my name…

Till Next time,


Jesse xoxo