You do you.

Spring is here!!! Flowers have bloomed, grass has a new fragrance and there are just babies everywhere. Also my hay fever makes me so sick I literally can’t get out of bed some days. So yeah there’s that.

See here’s the thing, managing major health issues with motherhood is a little tricky. But I’ve come up with some great ideas to make the best of a not so great day.

Firstly – Pyjama day is awesome! Movies, blankets and an endless supply of popcorn and coffee (that ones for me, not the kid). When I have those days when It hurts to move or I am so tired that just breathing takes all my energy, this is one of my favourite things. Abbie feels special cause all we do is snack and snuggle. I try my hardest to make sure Abbie feels special and not burdened with looking after me.

Secondly – Nature day. Picnics, hours by the river, or even just soaking up the rays for a little why. Being outside in some way just helps to breakup our day in a small but significant way. Abbie loves being outside! It certainly helps now that we have a puppy to chase around!! Crazy dog. Even going out to lunch with someone always helps.

Im not going to lie, sometimes the iPad is my favourite item in our house. Abbie is so content to watch movies or kids shows for hours. Which is so helpful when all I need to do is sleep. I don’t do this very often or at least I try not to. But sometimes this mum and her broken body just need to shut off for a little while. You can judge all you want about my kid using an iPad but when you get as sick as I do sometimes – you do what you gotta do!!

I am so grateful that I don’t have a crazy busy life right now. After going so fast for so long its nice to just stop and enjoy life’s sweet little moments. Abbie makes me laugh everyday. Like right now she is dancing around to “Jolly Holiday” from Mary Poppins. She is such a quirky kid! Sliding and stomping like those penguins and singing every word. At almost 4 years old she is just as stubborn, loud and passionate as me.  Teenage years are going to be fu-uun… Now if she only could just keep her room clean that would fabulous.


Till next time,


Jesse xoxoxo