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Just go the……*sigh* Please go to sleep.

I can count on 1 hand how many times my daughter has slept through the night. She turns 4 in march. The excuses I’ve heard for her being awake at some ungodly hour is getting a little nuts and quite frankly; a little too clever.
Short of strapping her to the bed, we have tried everything from; ignoring her to setting up a little bed in our room so she doesn’t disturb our precious beauty sleep (which DID NOT work). We’ve bought night lights, put music on, door open. door shut. light on, pitch black, and her favourite – just a little bit of light. Stories or no stories. But the worst bit of all? No matter what times she goes to bed I can guarantee that we will be woken up at least 2 times for thirst, hunger, “bad” dreams, bugs or a combination of.

I’ve heard and read that if you put a child to bed with a full tummy of food and just a little later than usual, in a calm and soothing manner they will just drift off to sleep. But like communism, that’s a good idea in theory. In reality its way too much coffee, bags for days and a fuse that gets shorter and shorter.

We’ve never had a strict bedtime routine but only because she doesn’t do routine. I’m not entirely sure what happen but my sweet little angel has turned into a PMS time bomb that could explode at any moment! A hairline trigger away from catastrophe. Because sleep time these days, has us taking a deep breath and whispering “Good luck. I’ll see you on the other side.” If (key word here) we are super lucky sometimes she huffs and puffs and puts herself out. Which is fabulous until My body is lulled into a false sense of hope and finally, truly relaxes and then BAM!! One small child is standing in front of you and is asking for water, food and bug spray. Abbie does this thing where no matter how many times you ask her to do something she will stand there staring at you like a deer caught in headlights! And because I am so tired, I have a very hard time keeping my eye open to negotiate with an almost 4 year old. So an unknown amount of time can pass and yet. She is still standing there!! I would rather have a solid 3 hours of sleep than 6 hours of broken sleep. It’s the hazards of parenting I guess.

I know she will grow out of it.
Scrap that.
I am praying that she grows out of it.
Nope, scrap that.
If she doesn’t grow out of this soon I may just lock her in a tower.

Until that day though. My sweet, darling little angel that I love so deeply. Just go (and stay) the phuck to sleep.